Best Hiking Boots and Shoes 2017

Best Hiking Boots play a major why you are travelling and hiking on a regular basis, as it helps you give a comfort room for your foot and to provide convenient use of the shoe in an effective way. There are different kinds of hiker shoes available, which are usually based on the requirement and for the individual. Hiking shoes play a critical role in terms of performance of the journey, as it helps you give a comfort feeling while you are hiking on difficult trails. Best Hiking Boots and Hiking shoes have seen a great Revolution over a long period of time, as the technology improve the material and the making of the shoe turned out to be more effective and productive in general. Best Hiking Boots are available in different varieties and then Cost range and it is important to buy an effective shoes which is suitable for the trail and the journey.

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Best Hiking Boots 2017

It is important to choose the right shoe or boot which can be useful in different situations, as it helps you use to the maximum extract that is why we make article on Best Hiking Boots 2017. There are different categories in hiking boots, which is usually defined by the purpose and the location of the hiking. Some of the common categories of hiking boot would be heavyweight, lightweight, ultra lightweight, medium weight, and so on.

Best Hiking Boots

Top and Best Hiking Boots, which are suitable for most of the hiking purposes.

Hiking BootsCategoryWeightWaterproofUpperPrice
Salomon Quest 4D 2 GTXMidweight2 lb. 13 oz.Yes (Gore-Tex)Nubuck leather / meshCheck Here
Lowa Renegade GTX MidMidweight2 lb. 7 oz.Yes (Gore-Tex)Nubuck leatherCheck Here
Merrell Moab Mid WaterproofLightweight1 lb. 15 oz.Yes (M-Select)Leather / meshCheck Here
Salomon X Ultra Mid 2 GTXLightweight2 lb. 0 oz.Yes (Gore-Tex)Suede leather / nylonCheck Here
Scarpa Men's R-evolution GtxMidweight2 lb. 14 oz.Yes (Gore-Tex)Suede leatherCheck Here
Arc'teryx Bora2 Mid GTXMidweight2 lb. 12 oz.Yes (Gore-Tex)PU coated textileCheck Here
Vasque Men's St. Elias Gore-TexHeavyweight3 lb. 1 oz.Yes (Gore-Tex)Nubuck leatherCheck Here
KEEN Men's Targhee II Mid WPLightweight2 lb. 3 oz.Yes (Keen.Dry)Nubuck leather / textileCheck Here
Salewa Mountain Trainer MidMidweight2 lb. 15 oz.Yes (Gore-Tex)Suede leatherCheck Price
Altra Lone Peak 3.0 NeoShell MidUltralight1 lb. 6 oz.Partial (NeoShell)MeshCheck Price
Asolo Fugitive GTXHeavyweight3 lb. 1 oz.Yes (Gore-Tex)Suede leather / nylonCheck Price
La Sportiva Synthesis Mid GTXLightweight1 lb. 13 oz.Yes (Gore-Tex)Mesh / leatherCheck Price
  1. Salamon Quest 4D 2 GTX

    Salomon Men's Quest 4D 2 GTX Hiking Boot

Salomon Quest is a fine boot for hackers who are hiking on a regular basis in different conditions.  The hiking boot and be used by both men and women and is known for its crib and ventilation.  Salomon Quest comes under Midway category hiking boot, which has been popular for most of the hackers for a long time now. The underfoot production of the salomonQuest has not been widely appreciated by a various team of hikers across the world, as the size of the protection is the layer has been me in certain conditions. Salomon Quest has been widely recognized for people who are God white feet as the barrel used for this boot has the capabilities of extending to a great extent without compromising comfort aspects. This is first product in the list of Best Hiking Boots on own site.

  • Weight – 2lbs
  • Waterproofing – YES

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  1. Lowa Renegade GTX MID

    Lowa Renegade GTX MID

The boot is unique in style as the look of the boot gives your traditional feel. The Lowa Renegade Provides better isolation from the ground and gives more stability and stiffness regarding grip aspects.  It is evident that most of the hiking boots are supposed to be chosen based on the way to carry while you are hiking, the lowa renegade provide you enough comfort while carrying heavy weights and rough areas on a regular basis. The hiking boots are manufactured with fine raw products with narrow regular and wide width, which helps different people to wear it with different foot size.  lowaRenegade Race less than 2.5 pounds and the letter used in the boot has been remarkable to handle different situations while hiking. This is the second product in the list of Best Hiking Boots own our site.

  • Weight – 2lbs
  • Waterproofing – Yes

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  1. Merrell Moab Mid WP

    Merrell Moab Mid Waterproof

Merrell Moabll MID WP boots are used by hikers, which require a good placement from the user to gain a good grip. The merrell Moab is one of the popular votes for instance and amateur backpackers and hikers, as the boot is available at cost effective prices and known for its comfort ability and lightweight feeling. You will find different boots under the same category depending on the feature you are looking. The book comes in both waterproof and non-waterproof products, where the feature writing board cost you little more than the other way around.

  • Weight – 1lb
  • Waterproof – optional

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  1. Salamon X UltraMid 2 GTX

    Salamon X UltraMid 2 GTX

Writing board specially made for backpackers and Ms your address which is widely used even for running purposes. As the boot can be used for multi purposes, it has been widely recommended for people to buy it to use it on a regular basis. The Solomon X Ultra Mid shoes are known for their excellent features in grip aspects, which lets the hiker enjoy a pleasure oriented trip on a regular basis. The underfoot protection has been criticized by a lot of hikers after a couple of trips wearing the boot for various reasons.

  • Weight- 2 lbs
  • Waterproof protection – Yes

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  1. Scarpa Men’s R-evolution Gtx

    Scarpa R-Evolution GTX

Scarpa is one of the best hiking shoes ever produced by an Italian company. The boot office hikers at different feel, as the outfit looks more like a glove like fit. The hiking boot has what a wonderful water protection capability and impressive stability and grip regarding usage. The manufacturing part of the shoe has been magnificent regarding both quality and the durability, as scrap of uses the modern technology to manufacture the route in a professional way.

  • Weight – 2 lbs
  • Waterproof protection – yes


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  1. Arc’teryx Bora 2 Mid GTX

Arc’teryx Bora 2 Mid GTX

Arc’teryx Bora 2 Mid GTX Consumer make weight category which is around 2 lbs.  The boot comes with extraordinary features. The hiking boots are computable with two to three day of fighting trips which provides an impressive stability and comfort during the hikes.  The hiking boots recommended for both Rocky terrain situations and can handle extreme conditions on a regular basis. The ventilation of the boats is design in a systematic way, which helps people to use the word for a longer period without compromising on the comfort aspects.

  • Weight – 2 lbs
  • Waterproof protection – Yes

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  1. Vasque Men’s St. Elias Gore-Tex

Vasque Men's St. Elias Gore-Tex

Vasque St. Elias GTX is a heavyweight category hiking shoes, which looks more like a leather bunch but produced by using modern technology to suit the requirements of every hiker possible.  The heavyweight comes with the proper ventilation facilities and stability to provide utmost comfort possible for the hikers on a regular basis. The laces and the eyelets used to be sensitive and made from a cheap quality, but you can upgrade this accessory by buying a quality oriented laces and eyelets.


  • Weight – 3 lbs
  • Waterproof protection – YES

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  1. KEEN Men’s Targhee II Mid WP

KEEN Men's Targhee II Mid WP Hiking Boot

Keen Targhee Is one of the popular hacking boot, which comes with a lot of features at affordable prices.  The hiking boot is widely recommended for people, who are engaged in a small time back patching then I can I am very clear this. Keen Targhee Open sufficient amount of blood for hikers to have a convenient hiking trip, but the weight of the shoe is little higher than anyone can’t expect.

  • Weight – 2 lbs
  • Waterproof protection – YES

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  1. Salewa Mountain Trainer Mid GTX

Salewa Mountain Trainer Mid GTX

Salewa Mountain Trainer MID GTX is an ex with you a shoe and a boot together.  The hiking book is designed for the trials, which has the capabilities to handle various weather conditions in different situations. Leather and Synthetic, Imported, Synthetic sole, Integrates salewa’s patented technologies to offer the alpine fit 100% blister free guarantee, Customizable multi fit footbed plus (mff+) with interchangeable layers so you can adapt it to the unique shape of your foot, Climbing lacing right to the toe for a more precise fit, 3f system for firm ankle and heel support, Adaptive foam padding in the heel area.

  • Weight – 2 lbs
  • Waterproof protection

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  1. Altra Lone Peak 3.0 NeoShell MID

Altra Lone Peak 3.0 NeoShell MID

Altra Lone Peak 3.0 NeoShell MIDIs the alcohol output which has inspired by a different adventure and hiking shoes together. The hiking shoes good comes with a waterproof material, which protects your foot from getting wet in extreme water conditions. The toe protection in the shoe has been a highlight for people, who for looking forward to buying a safety shoe for different kinds of hiking activities.

  • Weight – 1 lbs
  • Waterproof protection – partial

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  1. Asolo Fugitive GTX

Asolo Fugitive GTX

Asolo has a great collection of light walking to hiking, from backpacking boots. Asolo Fugitive GTX GTX falls into a lite category, which looks carries a traditional design. Theboot is very much suitable for tough terrains, as the boot can provide utmost comfort and effectiveness while hiking. The stiffness and the stability of the boot havebeen impressive in most of the situations. Asolo Boots are designed around the foot; flexible, lightweight and at the same time, resistant. Fit and performance are our major strengths. Our breathable footwear is able to shock-absorb even on the toughest terrains.

  • Weight – 3lbs
  • Waterproofing – Yes

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Hiking Boot Buying Advice


It is important to understand the weight of the shoe plays an important role regarding giving comfort to your foot while you are hiking. Not forget to try to different shoes before finalizing on a single boot, as it helps you find out the right weight of the boot for you to hike comfortably. Around wait could enjoy your foot and ankle while you are hiking, as you cannot handle the weight of the shoes in a comfortable way.  There is no return theory about choosing the right weight of the shit on your physical weight, as people will have different levels of stamina and endurance.  Ensure to try different boots before finalizing on one product, as finding your proper shoes plays an important role to complete your hiking activity in a successful way.


Waterproofing is one of the most common properties of a quality oriented Hiking Boot.  Most of the quality oriented would come with waterproofing quality default, as most of the hiking trips good face water bodies on a regular basis. There are different levels in waterproof ink for most of the boots, which defines the level of the stage of waterproofing. It is important to know the places you are going to travel before buying the hiking boots, as you will get to know the level of water bodies in your hiking which helps you to buy the professional to use it on a regular basis.


Most of the quality oriented hiking boots come with theproper ventilation system.  A proper ventilation system plays a major role regarding comfort for the user, as you need proper a supply to your foot on a regular basis. Ventilation on the ports is possible only with the right cloth, which is both lightweight and having enough sources to get the air inside the boot. As most of the hikers spend the whole day for a longer period by ahike in the mountains one after the other, a proper ventilation system can lower the amount of stress regarding walking because of a proper comfort to the food while hiking. 

Stiffness and Stability

Stiffness and stability are the primary part of a comfortable hiking boot.  When you have a good trip on your sure, you will be able to hike in an easier way, which decreases the amount of stress on a regular basis.  Stiffness and stability could help you avoid accidents or unwanted injuries while hiking as you will be able to hike in a comfortable way. A natural grip is possible only with the help of a quality oriented boot, which has a good stiffness and stability levels.


As most of the hikers prefer to hike with quality oriented accessories, it is important to look at both comfort and other necessary features before buying the shoe. Adventure and hiking shoes are an important part of any hiker while heading for a trek, as a perfect shoe can provide utmost comfort while hiking for a long term. People who are a looking for a Best Hiking Boots to purchase can prefer the above given boots.

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