Best Hikes in New Jersey

Everyone knew that New Jersey is known as the Best Hikes in New Jersey. As like that NJ also has many places for hiking. New Jersey is the most populated state among all in the country with excellent resources around it. People often want to go for hiking around the NJ locations. It has extraordinary places to visit through hiking. When you are looking for best hiking places in New Jersey, we offer some beautiful places for you. The hikes are listed with its price tags and their rules and regulations to start the hike.

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Best Hikes in New Jersey

Best Hikes in New Jersey

Best Hikes in New Jersey

  1. Mills Reservation

This is a 157 acre of suburban woodland marked with dangerous and dirty paths. If you being a newbie for mills reservation do not get worried, just follow the hikers who travel along with you to reach the place. The follow the foot paths from the starting point to reach the hill climb. Once reached the quarry point, you can see the Manhattan from there. The cement way direct you towards the site of the World War 2 anti craft installation. Now follow the red, white, yellow and blue trail to reach back to the avenue.

  1. Watchung Reservation

You can get a great experience from the Watchung reservation, which has 18th-century cemetery works. Also, you can able to see a lake and deserted village named feltville. The reservation has approximately measured with 2,000 acres of forests and about 0.5 to 10.8 miles of loop trails. You can experience and visit more places like nature center, lake, pond and more. Mostly every route looked to be confusable for the viewers, so it advisable to pick the map for the nature center to visits the other locations.

  1. Loantaka Brook Reservation

Loantaka reservation spread over 570 acres of land with turtles, blue herons, garter snakes, swans, white-tailed deer and much more. The place seems to be complete with picnic tables, outdoor fitness areas, baseball fields, playground, etc. The reservation also has eight miles of trails paved to make the travelers ride easy for the hikers, bikers, and others.

  1. Allamuchy Mountain State Park

This is spread over 9,092 acres with historical 19th-century canal located in the village Waterloo. To start your easy hike, park near the Sussex branch and then follow to travel through the trail road which is 3 miles distance between cranberry to Andover.  For experiencing the adventure feel, better start from the teal-blazed trail. The route is quite difficult to handle for the newbie who wants to make through this trail road where hikers have to travel along one mile of rocky portions.

  1. Pyramid mountain

The blue trail will start at the Boonton Avenue then it crosses the rocky ascent which ‘s hard to make it for the hikers typically. The 1.5 miles narrow trail makes hard to cross the blue trail. Once the hiker crossed these areas, they can make their journey easy and comfortable rest of the location with the following trails. The most attractive trails are tripod rock, Stonehenge, and boulders.

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