Best 5 Waterfall Hikes in America

Waterfalls are one of the beautiful natural adventures present in the world in different places with different names (Best 5 Waterfall Hikes in America). We can’t be able to predict or describe the beauty of waterfalls from our words; it brings an enormous amount of happiness to us when watching it. It is an excellent example of gravity force, where the water flows from the top to bottom with thunderous sound continuously. We can guess the waterfalls from a certain distance with its constant sound. Waterfalls are there in many parts of the world, some of them very special to experience the real feel of it during the hiking trip.

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Best Waterfall Hikes

Best 5 Waterfall Hikes in America

Yosemite Falls

Yosemite national park is located in California; it has the most beautiful water falls in the country. In Yosemite falls the water falls from 2,425 feet which are known as 5th largest waterfalls in the world. The water falls quickly fall from the upper part 1,430 feet and split from the middle section into five different paths and reaches the downstream from the final 320 feet. The waterfall is appearing for the whole year except the months August and September every year. You can climb to the top of this waterfall through 7.2 mile trip from the camp.

Alamere Falls

Alamere Falls is located in the Marin County city with most amazing waterfalls and other hiking spots for the travelers. The Alamere waterfalls are directly join with the ocean which comes from 400 feet tall. Through this waterfall, you can experience the special scenes of whales and access to lakes like bass and pelican. The trip for a hike around the Alamere falls will take 7.5 miles from the starting point. The trip can be extended up to some distance as well by parking campaign.

Palouse Falls

The Palouse falls state park is situated in Washington which has the excellent waterfalls in the Palouse River near to the Snake River about 4 miles distance. The drops fall from the 198 feet; you can access the point of waterfalls easily using the car or bike for hiking. The place is isolated from the state; reach it by four hours of travel from the state park. You can trail for as long as possible to get the better views.

Cummins Falls

It is located near the central Tennessee; reach it by an hour travel from the west of Nashville. The Cummins falls kept known for a long time, in 2011, Tennessee Park and greenway combined made the state park to give the better view for the Cummins falls. The trails are very rough and challenging for the visitors with 75 feet waterfall, and you have to move through 1.5 miles. For safety reasons, children’s are banned from hiking trails.

Taughannock Falls

One of the tallest falls in New York State, taughannock falls is situated in the northwest of Ithaca. The waterfall drops from 215 feet distance, which has uneven trails and another territory. The trails are open for whole years, but rim trail is closed for winter season. Here the swimming facilities are also accessible from Cayuga Lake and camps are also located for the travelers and hikers.

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